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Today’s small bone & joint market is highly fragmented. Orthopaedic companies have focused almost exclusively on large bone trauma surgery and large joint surgery. This emphasis on large bones & joints has left the upper and lower extremities market both unconsolidated and unfocused. Although the small bone & joint market is a significant part of the overall orthopaedic industry, it has not attracted the same attention that areas like total joints, spine and sports medicine have received. SBi is totally focused on being the global product provider in this rapidly growing market.

SBi management represents a team with a heritage in orthopaedics and a record of proven success. Our servant leadership culture is a key to our future success.

SBi is organized to meet the needs of surgeons. Our heritage—the products, people and the technology—spans more than two decades in 30 countries, but our approach to business is brand new.

Combining established companies with exciting, best in class products and technologies, SBi is a vertically-integrated organization with a complete product portfolio designed specifically for the small bone & joint surgeon. Our spectrum of arthroplasty, fixation, trauma and biologic solutions is rapidly achieving industry leadership. We continue to expand our new product pipeline with more than 40 devices and instruments to further augment these offerings. Our goal is to give surgeons and their patients the widest choice of proven treatment options.

SBi was formed in May 2004 by Anthony, John and Marc Viscogliosi, the Principals of Viscogliosi Brothers, LLC (“VB”). Already synonymous with innovation and life-changing developments in the musculoskeletal industry, VB now brings its vision to the small bone & joint sector. Where they can apply their leadership in building global orthopaedic businesses.

Alongside leading international surgeons, experienced industry management, and far-sighted private investors, VB created SBi as the first company to focus purely on small bone & joint science. By bringing together established companies, talented and experienced leaders and strong technologies, SBi now offers the broadest, most clinically proven small bone & joint portfolio of any company operating today. VB provides the significant capital required to fund a company positioned for sustained growth.

This vision has been realized by the acquisition and development of the following recognized companies (or technologies) in small bone & joint surgery: Avanta (hand / wrist / elbow arthroplasty and trauma products-USA); Fixano (hand / wrist / elbow / shoulder arthroplasty and trauma products-France); Envision (implant manufacturing-USA); Actipore (porous metal technology-Canada); Xtremi-T (resorbable trauma technology-USA).




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