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rHead™ Lateral Radial Head Implant System



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Foot & Ankle

The rHead™ Lateral Radial Head Implant System is a side-loading radial head prosthesis that allows for a minimally invasive approach and exposure in radial head replacement surgery.  The head and stem of the implant are connected by the means of a dove-tail locking mechanism that does not require a set screw, saving time in the operating room.  The rHead™ Lateral is indicated for treatment of arthritic and traumatic conditions of the radial head.  The rHead™ Lateral implant comes with an assembly tool for quick engagement or disengagement of the head to and from stem.  The accompanying impactor tool is configured to assist positioning of the implant by referencing the surrounding anatomy.  The new, fully coated, plasma sprayed stem promotes bony in-growth.

rhead Lateral Radial Head Video

Features / Benefits

Radial Heads

  • Side-loading radial head onto the stem allows for:
    • a less invasive approach and exposure
    • a tissue sparing procedure that minimizes ligament disruption and damage
  • Modular system of  multiple sizes of head and stems - accommodates size variations of patients’ radial head and proximal canal
  • Dove-tail locking mechanism - requires no set screw
  • Stems

  • Plasma sprayed Commercially Pure Titanium (CPTi) stem:
    • Promotes bony in-growth
    • Rough texture for immediate implant stability
  • Patented, anatomically curved stem – eliminates toggle in the canal for precise articulation with the capitellum
  • Available with a 2 mm standard collar or a 6 mm extended collar – optimal fit as a primary implant or as a  revision from a previous procedure
  • rHead™ Lateral ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMWPe heads are available for use with the UNI-Elbow™ Radio Capitellum System for patients who need uni-compartmental elbow arthroplasty procedures.

    MKT 10482 Rev. A

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