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The SBi RingFIX™ is a modular external fixation systemdesigned to accommodate patients with a large variety of clinical needs. Originally marketed in Europe under the Fixano brand, RingFIX™ has a successful 20 year history of clinical use in the global healthcare marketplace. Developed around the principles of the Ilizarov technique begun in Russia over 50 years ago, RingFIX™ offers near limitless configurations servicing both pediatric and adult patients.

Ring geometries range from 3/8 Rings (90mm-180mm), 1/2 Rings (80mm-220mm), 5/8 Rings (90mm-180mm), and Full Rings (90mm-180mm), and Foot Plates (140-180mm). This large offering of rings coupled with an assortment of struts and pin/wire holding devices makes RingFIX™ a powerful tool in treating a broad patient population with various clinical needs. Patients’ in need of post traumatic reconstruction, congenital deformity correction, limb salvage, limb-lengthening, ankle distraction, and fusion have all been successfully treated by surgeons utilizing the SBi RingFIX™ system.

The SBi RingFIX™ is especially good for treating injuries/conditions of the foot and ankle. Common applications for RingFIX™ in the foot include but are not limited to: Charcot Foot  Reconstruction, Triple Arthrodesis, Ankle Fusion, Ankle Distraction and Trauma.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to Apply - No computers are required to use this system
  • Modular Design - Broad selection of interchangeable components
  • OR Efficiency –Simple two tray system is intuitive and easy for staff
  • Broad Range of Indications - Facilitates ease of construct creation for many different types of surgery ranging from Ankle fusions & general trauma to Charcot Reconstruction
  • Anodized Aluminum Rings/Foot Plates - Lightweight radio-opaque materials in a variety of patient friendly bold colors.
  • Multi-hole footplate and tabbed rings are now available and allow for more options and easier placement of wires and half pins. Landmarks on these footplates and tabbed rings allow for quick and precise frame alignment.
  • 20 Years of Global Clinical Experience - Consistent results, positive outcomes
  • Dedication - SBi is focused on putting forth the highest standard of quality and focus on medical device development
  • Education – Committed to surgeon education; Check with your local SBi sales representative for details on forth coming meetings in your area

MKT 20180 Rev. A






> Download the RingFIX™ Product Overview
> Download the RingFIX™ Surgical Technique



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